Herd to Help

Today we did the Herd to Help event and raised $400.00 Very nicely done! Molly and Si went along for moral support. Si was exceptionally peeved that everyone got to work except him. Par for the course. Molly was pretty sharp and attentive to the sheep where appropriate. Every time a set was put out to pasture, she went out that direction as they needed to not run away. Very interesting. She wasn’t super sharp, but that’s ok. It was a long day for her.

Even more exciting was what happened after the afternoon snack/nap. Instead of spending the afternoon explaining to the chocolate filled puff pastry how guilty I felt, I put Si on his super long line and went out and played a while. Then I brought Molly on the 20 footer to join us. There is an overarching theory of training that basically says: we can’t make dogs into people, but we can be better dogs. Generally in order to understand your dog you have to get down and be a dog for a while. Si’s been an only dog for so long, that we have games we play and we roughhouse and from an outside perspective I probably look ridiculous. Nothing new. Anyhow, so I had Molly out while Si and I were fussing around and playing and for a few seconds, she was playing. It was obviously painful, and she quit pretty quickly, but there she was. All happy smiles and running after my fool headed dog while he was shakin’ his long line in his mouth.

I just about cried. She’s definitely in there… somewhere.

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