I think she’s feeling better…

About a month ago, Molly and Simon were both hit by a car. Simon, being Simon… he came out with bruises. However, Molly spent 4 days and 3 nights in veterinary ICU and for a while I didn’t think she’d ever be a ‘normal’ dog let alone my beautiful stockdog. She had seemed to loose all sense of herself, physically and mentally. Simon has been patiently waiting for her to heal. And waiting… and waiting.
How time (and rest and arnica30 and BL solution) does heal all wounds. Today, Molly and Simon began their first girl-fight session in the living room. She has been trying to get him to play for the last few days, but he wasn’t sure she was ok. Finally, he gave in and they wrestled and girl fought for a while. She even went so far as to dive off the couch at his head. Something she hasn’t done in a long long time. I didn’t really think I’d miss it. Was I ever in for a surprise!

She’s the same dog she’s always been… just a little more laid back now. Which could be an affect of her trauma, or just that she’s settled in. It’s hard to tell. I’ll put her back on heavy stock in a few weeks and see if it clicks. She was just starting to rate and gather when she was hurt. We’ll see how much she remembers of the work we did to shape her natural ability. Starting over wouldn’t be horrible. She hadn’t been on stock that many times and she’s still young. And cute. And snuggly.

I’m not attached at all. Heehee.

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