the most horrible thing…

Molly and Simon were hit by a car (speed and type unk) Monday night at 7pm. When I got to her she was stiff, unresponsive, but breathing. I left her with Si to get the truck and loaded her up. During the drive, she ‘woke up’ and tried to get up into my lap from the back of the Passport (I keep all the seats flat). Then she attempted to look out the windows and finally settled down a little when she fell into Simon (he’s 75lbs). When she arrived at the hospital she was shocky and generally displeased. Never growly or dangerous, but flailing around like a mad banshee so she was sedated for her own safety.

She will probably be released in a day or two. However, she does not do stress well and she is in a busy animal hospital. She seems to make the most progress when I visit and she’s in the dark quiet exam room with me.

Her general diagnosis is a massive concussion. She has pin point pupils. Her eyes/eyelids are reactive to motion and changes in light. She can stand, but does the associated ‘head press’ common in brain trauma to find her ‘place’ in space. She does have full control and function of her extremities and her bowels, though she is not strong enough to walk. Her ears are not reactive. She is reactive to touch, typically through her breath. She will wiggle her paws at me a little if I stop scratching her zyphiod process.

She is on fluid, light sedation, cephelexion and mannitol for the brain swelling. When not on sedation she was trying to crawl in my lap. So many of her non-active qualities i think are the result of the sedation. We believe that the majority of her issues are related to the brain trauma and not to body bruising, though in radiographs she shows some bruising to her lungs. However, this is nowhere near as sever and vast as Si’s bruising. She has been radiographed and shows no signs of internal bleeding.

At this point we know she makes more positive steps in the evening, when it’s quieter. Which is ok because my home is a pretty quiet place. Outside of that I wish I could give more information, but without getting her out of the hospital situation, it’s very challenging.

She is not typically a lap dog. She is Simon’s dog. I’ve had her for 2.5 weeks and she waged her nub at me for the first time Monday just before I let them out. She stresses in new situations and would not eat for almost 2 days when I took her to Spokane to work stock. She was bred by a rancher, sold outside a stock auction to a farmer/rancher who then took her to the pound at 10 months when she was chasing stock. She is an incredibly talented stockdog.

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  1. Amy, so very sorry to hear that. Hate to have my dogs hurt. Let us know how it goes. Saying prayers for her and you in this difficult time.

  2. Thank you Nartia, these are the posts from the original accident in 2007. I made some small edits (though they really need to be overhauled as they are DREADFUL) and the link between FB and WP reposts them. 🙂

    As a side note, this cracked me up: ” She will wiggle her paws at me a little if I stop scratching her zyphiod process.” Even now, she wiggles her paws at me if i stop scratching her belly… to the point that she’ll bat at my arms while i drive. ‘no not inbetween the front legs! Da Belly!!’ LOL

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