New Site Updates

I’ve made some pretty major updates to Obedience, Stockdog/Herding and to DockDogs. There are a few large kennel club events this summer in Portland, Redmond WA, Ephrata, Tacoma, Spokane and Enumclaw. So the Obedience section is very long. I’m trying to work out a quick and easy way to list those events but have them fold into the larger event name. So for instance you’d see the Rose City Kennel Club show in Portland and then could expand it to see all the clubs hosting Obedience. However… that creates some coding issues. I’m working on it!

One big project this weekend has been attaching club sites to their events. Without a long and well researched list, attaching the club links has been tedious and time consuming. With the help of Zotero ( I’ve finally been able to start making and keeping a workable collection of event links. While this might not seem like much it’s a HUGE weight off my shoulders. I can’t wait for the server edition! Also, i’m almost ready to post the sitemap. As is growing, I really want things to be easy to find. For the site map, i’m using another new-to-me tool called FreeMind ( If you’re a visual learner, manage large projects or really need a good way to dump your mind out on paper this is a great tool. It’s very user friendly and easy to navigate. I’m currently using it to help work through the logistics of ASC of WA’s April Showers stockdog trial.

Good luck and happy Trials!

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