Site Updates

I’ve been busily working along in getting the new ‘highspeed’ site up and going. This will allow for a more pics & videos in each event area. The information on events will mirror the basic site framework and links will be provided back and forth. it’s important to me that dial up and lowspeed users have the basic info to make decisions, but will have access to all the fun toys. I’m hoping to have the new framework beta tested by June and be up to full running capacity before the 4th of July. Wish me luck!

As a general update, we’re please to now be listing events for the American Sighthound Field Assoc. This group is locally in both Washington and Oregon and typically competes as a group in Coursing AKA Lure Course. If you own a dog that is traditionally a sighthound, this is a great organization to learn about the original intent for your breed as well as information on Lure Coursing.

We are also starting to advertise information sessions for the Delta Society. If you have ever been in the hospital, you know how depressing the whole experience can be. The Delta Society works hard to help people train appropriate dogs for hospital and hospice visits. We at NWDog appreciates their commitment to their community and encourage people to look inward to decide if their dog could share some of that doggie-magic with those in need.

Also, I’ve updated the Molly Page. In short, she’s doing wonderfully. Her vet is over the moon with her progress and has asked for a full log of her recuperation. Maybe she’ll be famous after all?

-Amy, Molly and Si

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