Update April 24th

I finished my son’s tile today, it sure looked good.. I must say I did a dandy job. If only my dog handling comes out as well as my ceramic tile work, we’ll have it made.

Tonight has a little nip in the air and a small breeze. It’s to my back so the dogs shouldn’t have any excuses for not hearing. We are going to work on our look backs again this evening. They were looking back fine by the end of last session now I want them to flip to their outside shoulder in the direction that I am fixing to give. This way the dog is pointed correctly to start with, making it easier for them to take the flank in the proper direction. I’m not going to be quite as anal about this flipping as I am to them listening to me.

I started out tonight with Tigr, working on her inside flanks. She is doing so well and is so much fun to work. She don’t have the inside flanks down as solid as the boys but she’s close. Every evening I have to cue her less and less, she has become so confident in herself. So far she has risen to every challenge I’ve set up for her. Before tonight is over I’m going to give her another challenge.

Kane and Tait both did well. I’m still having a little bit of a problem setting them up properly on the flank to spin around to their outside shoulder. But this is more my problem than theirs. I’m sure once we get out in the bigger fields where there is more time and wider spaces I’ll get what I’m looking for. They are both taking their flanks extraordinarily well. They now are listening and completing their flanks. They are listening to their wide flanks, or their close up work narrow flanks. I can get them to go the full circle around the stock and walk up at any point of the circle. They are very close to being ready. A few more look back lessons and they will be set. I may change my mind by the end of tomorrow hehehe.

Now it’s Tigr’s turn once again. I ask Hope to let the cattle out but keep the sheep in a pen. Now I have 3 steers and two small heifers out there. So I take Tigr over to the pen where the bulls are at. She loved fetching them out of that pen. Now I have 3 bulls 3 steers and two heifers for her to work. These 3 groups aren’t used to being together so she has to use some skill to keep them all grouped. I walked them all over the pasture. The white bull is still a handful; he constantly challenges a dog looking for weakness. He has his own agenda and walking to where a dog tells him to go isn’t his idea of fun. The two little heifers are just plum fast. They don’t like being in this group and Tigr is constantly on the run to cover them. Tigr is having a ball covering all these cattle. I don’t know if they will add to the number of cattle on the last day for nursery, but if they do I think she can cover them also. Here is another challenge I gave her and she simply excelled once again.

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