Adventures in Herding

Today was a beauty. I had some previous students over that owns some Mini Aussie’s and they sure made a impression on me. Before they had some show quality type mini’s that wasn’t very impressed about working stock. Slap me down if you want, but for that reason I wasn’t expecting much out of today’s instinct test on a couple more of the little boogers. Well these little tots were ready to rumble right off the bat, and took to working sheep like a duck to water. I have no doubt these two Mini Aussies will work stock, and gain a WTCH or AHBA3 in no time at all! I’m really looking forward to watching their development in the coming months. They are almost like hyper active heat seeking missiles. I have a ram here that’s backed down a few Border Collies, but he wanted nothing to do with these little Aussies. HAHAHAHA! This is going to be an adventure!

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