April 9th

Well the sunshiny days are gone it appears. The sky is grey and gloomy outside but on the bright side it’s still fairly warm. My grandson comes over and wants to see the lambs and look for eggs. Every day is Easter here for him here and he found four chicken and two duck eggs.. We have been putting them in the incubator pretty regular so soon he’ll have a bunch of baby chickens and ducks t chase around. He just loves dating them and placing inside the incubator and asking if the babies are here yet hehehe I don’t think he even understands yet. We put a glass door on it so he will be able to see them hatch out.
Vickye got up early this morning to take a cat to the vet. It’s huge just a little smaller than a mountain lion. I worry about it carrying off small dogs and children. Hehehe not really. But this cat had some major mats in its fur, One of Vic’s foster daughters was moving back east and talked Vic into keeping it. Why do gifts have to cost so much? I tried to shave the poor thing but it wanted to kill me, so we decided to let them put it to sleep and take care of the problem.
Anyhow while Vic was gone I took Tysen and Tigr out to the pasture to see lambs and collect eggs. Naturally I have to work a dog anytime I’m out there right? I had Tigr drive the two sheep and the steer around the pasture while we were playing with the lambs. Tigr and the stock have this down pretty pat now and I hardly have to give any commands at all. It is fun to watch her calmly walking them around, all the while making sure they don’t get off track. You might say they are course trained. Might be fun to have Hope come over with Gus and tell her the obstacle course and have her do it without giving commands hehehe. Oops she reads this so it wouldn’t be a surprise now.
This evening I can’t go over to Hopes place. The vet called and Vic can’t get that stinking cat till after 6 pm. We called all our caregivers but couldn’t get anyone to come over on such a short notice. I’m pretty distraught but at least I’m going to be working the dogs on and off all day tomorrow. I called Hope to let her know so she wouldn’t be waiting on me and she was already out working dogs. I went out to clean the stock trailer and make sure there are no weak spots in the floor, and all the lights work after sitting all winter. Tomorrow I have three bulls to take and have steered. Once again I worked Tigr as I’m handling these chores. The stuff here is just too easy for her; all I am doing is keeping her mentally sharp and working on quicker responses to inside flanking commands. Hopefully tomorrow we can get back to some serious training.

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