Catching up

humm, apparently i got busy. LOL

Things have been alittle hectic, but they are starting to smooth out, finally.

The April trial has come and gone.  It was successful trial with lots of great handlers and dogs.  No matter who got what prize, everyone worked really hard for what they got.  The weather held up really nicely as well.  Though there was the occasional raincloud, for most of the time it was sunny enough to get a little tan back in the cattle pens.  This is Washington, get a tan where you can!

Molly has been working very hard.  We had a lesson the week before last and Elsie seems really pleased with our progress.  We’ve been promoted out of the small pen and given instructions to start doing similar fenceline and off line excercises in larger areas.  In addition, i’ve found that Molly getting her own sheep out of the other pasture seems to help her focus on the job.  There is alot to do between the pasture and the arenas. There are a number of gates, a small pen & a long alley with a partial barrier in the middle.  So she has to not only flank and fetch in large spaces and small spaces, but she has to wait while the sheep move away from her and walk past them of leash without bothering them.  That’s hard stuff, but she’s learning these little skills that build into bigger skills.  I’ll get video the next nice day.

Simon also had a little breakthrough.  Simon has ‘issues’ with bathtubs.  Being that he’s almost 24″ and 70lbs it’s a rather inconvienent problem.  Previously he’d not get into a tub on his own, and if you tried to lift him he’d put all 4 paws to the corner.  Most unhelpful. After a little work, 1/4 of a package of chicken snacks and lots of praise he not only got into a booster bath, but let me wash him down and get the stink off!  Molly also had a quick rinse, but then rolled in a dead thing the moment we got home. <sigh>

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