If you can’t fix it, change it or make it go away…

My friend Lindsey’s mom used to tell us if you can’t fix it, change it or make it go away… don’t worry about.   Which always sounded a little delusional to me, but anymore it’s the best advice I have.  I often wondered how it’d feel to be helpless. I’ve always pretended to have some manner of control over my life.  I get it now.  Short of borrowing a powerboat, I won’t be getting home anytime soon.  I cannot fix it, I cannot change it and I cannot make that go away.  If i could I’d be a very rich woman. ;o)

Instead I’m at the Raging River Cafe in Fall City, which apparently never went under water and waiting on Paul.  We’re going to have breakfast and try to pretend this has been a normal week.  Thank goodness for free wireless internet!  The Raging River is half breakfast and lunch counter and half bar.  Outside of the 2 other little bars in town, it’s the unofficial town center.  The food is pretty good. Sahara Pizza is also centered here and it’s good pizza.  It also has a generator. So when all else fails in life…there is biscuits and gravy. This is an interesting place to just sit and listen to people around flood time.  You can find out everything in town.  For instance, right now one of the waitresses is talking about the Raging River (the river it’s self). Her house is on that river and apparently the boulders were being pushed down river behind her house.  Very Scary.

I’ve been watching the NOAA site pretty close. Our particular gauge is called CRNW1 and is actually about 3 miles North – downstream – from the house as the crow flies.   As a bunch of numbers it’s pretty impressive, but pictures or in this case video is worth a thousand words. King5 has a helocopter that has to have gone through a thousand gallons and a hundred hours in flight time.  But this just floored me yesterday.  After the section that shows the Snoqualmie Falls, the helo goes over a house roof and an incomplete structure.  That house is about 3 houses down from me.

(edit: the video noted was *lost* by King5 TV along with all of the other SkyKing flood footage. What a total disappointment. So we’ll have to make due with this until i can find something suitable on YouTube… where apparently video conversions are taken more seriously.)

Yesterday in the Aussieboard, someone suggested I should consider moving.  Here was my response so i don’t have to say it over and over :o):

“Crazy as it sounds… i love where i live.

This is my (rented) home.



and there have been some bad days:

the death of the last neon…


My bottom 3 stairs floating in the 2006 flood water


After the 2006 flood there was a major wind storm.  This is my landlady’s house.


the 60′ cherry tree coming down was the worst

But it’s home. It’s the first place i’ve bothered to hang stuff on the walls. It’s where Molly recouped and Simon learned to swim. It may go under water on occasion, but we prep and pay attention. The river gives us some wicked fertile soil for all this mess it makes. With that we get wonderful apples, carrots, plums, berries and garlic (if it survives being under water!). And i gotta say the fishing from my yard is unbeatable. ;)

Some places have earthquakes, hurricanes, drought or tornado. We flood. Don’t get me wrong, watching that video I almost cried in my office. This is going to take some work to repair and I’m tired. Come spring though… it’ll all be worth it. In summer when the temperature rises, i’ll sleep in my hammock in the afternoon next to the river where it’s cool. Just waiting out the heat and work in the evening.”

I’m feeling pretty defiant.  Tired, aggravated, homesick and defiant.  Thank goodness i have all these flood pics from 2006 to remind me not to stand infront of mother nature.

More Soon

Amy, Simon and The Definitive MollyMae

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