Refugee Status

instead of doing a mass email to everyone with a general update, i thought this would be easier…. maybe. 😉

The weather has been very busy up here in the PNW.  The dogs were excited about the 7″ of snow in the Snoqualmie Valley and truthfully so was I.  I needed a vacation and didn’t realize it.  The rain & warm weather storm we could have done without.  This past morning around 2am, i realized that the river forecasts were not keeping up with the actual readings on FloodZilla.  If we didn’t get out it would be a repeat of Nov 2006.  Not something i’d like to do again.

In the Nov 2006 flood Simon and I were trapped on the property for almost a week and in the house for 3 days.  No grass for poor Si, surrounded by water and curiously enough… with electricity & cable.

The view from my place in the loft apartment to my landlady’s house in 2006:


Ew, i know. It was really scary too. That stair you see there is the top of 5 stairs.

Anyway, what we have now is probably going to look a lot like this.  This year i decided with 2 dogs and a job that would like me to at least show up… I should leave.

I did however find some UTube stuff from around the state.

This is a nice concise video from Whatcom County (North of us):

And from Centralia area (south of us):

This is Snoqualmie Falls at Flood Stage (about 5 miles upstream from me):

And Oregon isn’t much better:

On the up side, Si and Molly have been real troopers. Si’s been on his best bigdog behavior and while I know that Molly is stressed she’s not being really obvious about it.

More soon!

Amy, Simon and The Definitive Molly Mae

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2 thoughts on “Refugee Status

  1. I wondered how you and the fur kids were doing in the flood zone. Don’t forget the guest bedroom here in North Seattle. I don’t want to see you declare refugee status!

  2. The blog is an excellent idea! I didn’t watch the videos though--I’ve seen enough floodwater to last my whole life.

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