Update April 18th

Today I was supposed to meet up with several friends Over at Hope’s and do our Saturday social herding thing around noon. I went out back to feed the stock and get ready to go and I noticed the horse is in the wrong pasture. Dag nab it, the fence is torn down, now I have some work to do before I leave. As I’m finishing up on the repairs I look across the pasture and I can not believe my eyes there’s another section of fence down. Gosh I hate horses right now. I hear they make some really good dog food. No honestly this Holstein Steer I have might have done it, he has a reputation for tearing up fences. I hear they make good people food. I finished up at about the time I should have been at Hope’s place.. I’m rushing but it seems like everything is taking forever. Sometimes it seems the faster I go the farther behind I wind up hehehe. I did call and let Chuck know we were going to be late and ask him to please let Hope know.

I sure do enjoy this gathering, they feed me really well. Soon as I get out of my truck the food arrives and I’m the first in line. Well I sure didn’t want to slow things down so I hurried and filled my bowl with some really great stew and cornbread. Yum I’m in heaven. You know what’s funny? I come here and feast every weekend but I loose weight.

Soon we are out working dogs. I’m able to see so many different working styles from all these dogs. It is just amazing how much each dog differs yet all the handlers are striving to obtain the same goals. That goal is to become an efficient herding team. I’m sure when they see some of the outruns and the distances we work our dogs from, it must really astound them. I remember when I would look on in awe at handlers doing exactly what I’m doing today. I hope I never forget how hard it was for me to get to this point, that way I can always help people who are trying to learn, just like others have helped me grow as a handler. I have so many people that I’m grateful for that a book wouldn’t hold them all.

Tonight I run each dog twice, once each on the bye and away sides. The dogs all had very nice outruns and lifts but once again I wasn’t quite happy with their flanks. I’m going to go home and study this and make a decision on how to correct this to my satisfaction. I try to remember those panels are 400 yards away. Maybe my expectations are lofty but this is what I’m striving for. I’m not really completely happy with any of the dogs tonight. I’m not as disappointed in Tigr ,she hasn’t acquired the experience in comparison to the boys. And all in all the boys aren’t really doing so bad but still not listening to me as well as I’m expecting.

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