Update April 20th

I spent this beautiful morning getting in hay. I found a deal on second and third cutting alfalfa much cheaper than normal. I was very surprised when I saw what nice hay. I decided to buy extra to have in the barn. This is some of the best hay I’ve ever had on the place. Only problem with it was that they were 1000 pound round bales. today it is in the mid 70’s the warmest day of the year so far..

Tonight I’m back on a cloud. Big sigh of relief. All the work from last night has been retained by the dogs. Tonight Kane missed one flank or refused to finish his flank. I was on him fast and he knew I was not fooling around. Then we did more circle drills but with me a few hundred yards away. We then drove towards the panels and did short fast flanks. Right after that we drove them back to the lift area and did some long wide flanks. We then fetched them back hitting the fetch panels with ease.

Tait was on his game tonight. His outrun, lifts were precision, near flawless. This is my dog tonight listening to my every wish. I believe the way he was working tonight he could of gotten those steers through a five foot wide set of panels. He had his grip under control tonight. Not once did he make a grip that wasn’t ask for. I ran him both directions bye and away twice each.. The second set I was totally off balance to the panels doing what’s called a dog leg fetch. Tait was my HERO tonight.

Tigr is no doubt one of the finest dogs I have ever worked. She is like a sponge picking up knowledge. I can see her in the next few years competing in both venues sheep and cattle at the highest levels. Hope will go far with this young lady. I used to tease her about being so ugly. Well this is just about the prettiest young dog I have ever seen now.

For the next few weeks I’m going to be like a possessed man expecting perfection from myself and the dogs. Tonight the dogs showed me they can perform in the way I ask. I’m glad I have decided to be so insistent. I think this is just what was needed. A mind set change for me, and a command structural change for the boys. I’ve decided if these dogs don’t understand me it’s because I didn’t explain it to them in a way they understood. I left a grey area where disobedience was tolerated. That’s now been erased its black and white. And guess what? They still love me and each still wants to be the next one to run. You know what? I still love them also and can’t wait for our tomorrow sessions.

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