Update April 21st

Today it’s just to pretty outside. I had to mow my lawn. Once you start picking up all the stuff from winter, its just amazing how many toys dogs really have. Mine has 4 basket balls and a volley ball. I don’t know how many tennis balls I have mowed but only found two today. Bone’s of various sizes hidden here and there. My dogs like 5 gallon bucket lids over Frisbees, so there was several of those scattered around. Now the regular dog toys like tug ropes and little squeaky things. What the heck do I get all this stuff for? They never pick up after themselves either!

This evening we arrive at Hopes and I’m not ready to slack off on the pressure, still expecting the boys to do exactly as I ask.. Last night they showed me they can handle taking these commands and perform to a very high level. I’m going to keep this up for tonight and maybe tomorrow then slack off and do some close up fun commands. We started off with some beautiful outrun and lifts. Like I mentioned before we aren’t have any problems in this department. Kane aced the fetch panels even though I couldn’t get him to slow down. On the fetch when I ask for a slow or lye down he would push up several steps before he took the command. I haven’t really had a problem with him on this before. He also went aggressive tonight, gripping without being asked to do so. So I had to come down on him a bit. By the time he had done his runs from both sides he was working pretty nicely. I can hit the panels with him pretty easily even with his extra curricular activities.

Tait started out slow tonight. Even though his outrun, lifts were very precise he wasn’t working full speed. I think it’s because of this new regimen of doing as he is asked. Slowing down and listening maybe? In this slower mode it was sure easier to place him where I wanted. I gave him a “that’ll do” and called him off to watch Tigr’s run.

Tigr is just right on. She was flanking really well and giving me what I wanted. Her outruns were just exceptional tonight, and even with the horse causing movement, she still didn’t attempt to cross over. Her lifts were powerful enough to convince the cattle she meant business. Even with me off balance to her she could put the cattle between the panels with ease.

All in all I was very happy with tonight’s progress. The pressure is on to listen to me regardless of anything else going on. Tonight I was doing dog leg fetches where the panels are offset and not in a straight line to the handler. This way you can see if the dogs are listening to you for sure. If they are just fetching and don’t listen, they will miss the panels every time. One day real soon I’m going to slack off the intensity for a run or two just to keep the fun in it. When I do I’ll be close enough to make sure fun time still translates into good work ethics.

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