Update April 26th – 27th

Tonight I’m writing with a heavy heart. Yesterday (26th) at the Tin Star Ranch we were working with12 heifers and steers, when two turned and headed for the barn. There’s a muddy spot where the run off from the barn sits. This is kind of hard to explain. The steer to the right was out front and Tait was running to head that one off. As he went into the muddy area it slowed his progress and the second steer to the left was on top of him before he could react. As it jumped over him one of its feet hit him with a solid whack.

The first steer was turning when this happened and Tait even though injured turned on three legs and was bringing them back. I blew a “lie down” and ran to him. I’m talking to him like he is human. You -Okay buddy? Hey Tait let me help you. I picked him up and carried him to the truck and loaded the other dogs and headed home. I had Vickye call the emergency pet clinic to advise them I was on my way there. From the time of the accident till I got to the emergency clinic was almost two hours. Once there they medicated him and took extensive X-rays of his back and legs. No bones were broken or cracked. None of the vertebrae showed any damage. Their best guess was either soft tissue damage or neurological nerve problems. They gave him a shot of Cortisone to help reduce the swelling and a low dosage of Prednisone also to help with swelling. They also had to give him a shot of pain meds so he would let them X-ray him. Then they sent me home with orders to see our regular vet on Monday.

Monday morning at 8am I was on the phone with my vet who set me up with a 2:15 appointment to see Neurosurgeon specialist Dr. Streeter at the same office. I had the emergency vet fax all their information over and I carried the disk of his x-rays with me. I’ve already given up hope of him making the finals. Right now all I’m concerned about is his long term health more than anything else. The doctor showed me all the X-rays and discussed them with me in depth. He then did a physical of the afflicted area. I never realized that they could do a reflex test on dogs almost like on humans. Also a pain test of can you feel this how about this? I’ve never had them pinch my toes to see if I jerked away but they sure did his on the ailing leg. I watched intensely as he did different strength tests trying to locate any painful area’s at the same time. I don’t think my doctor was ever so thorough at checking me over. I’m sure this is because we can talk and rationalize where our pain areas are. It must be difficult to work on someone or something that don’t understand, or isn’t able to tell you any detail of what, when or where. All the while I was praying for an exact answer, knowing I wasn’t going to get one. His verdict was pretty much the same as the emergency vet, except Dr. Streeter wanted to treat it a lot more aggressively and tripled his intake of Prednisone to 60 MG daily. Now we are on a wait and see if this works. He says that he doubts we will see any results for at least a week maybe two. Any improvements in movement are all positives right now. I’m so stressed I can’t even go work Kane or Tigr this evening. The finals are now only 9 days away.

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