Update April 29th

This evening we are back at Hopes place. I want to do some more look back practice and long distance listening skills. This will also be the theme for the next four nights. Kane knows his commands; he knows what “LOOK” means, now we need to fine tune his and my understanding of what we expect from each other. He expects me to flank him a manner that turning and looking over his shoulder isn’t confusing. I expect him to turn and look over his outside shoulder and flank in the proper direction. If we can synchronize this so we both know exactly what we are doing it will come much easier. I just pray we get a chance to use this command on the last day of the finals.

I worked Tigr first and she was a hellion. Since working cattle the last few evening she lost her sheep sense completely. Hehehe she simply forgot all her flanks, forgot what a narrow flank is also. She was trying so hard but being as sheep turn faster that cattle, she was wanting to cover and just couldn’t agree with me on which flank was the best. After a bit I got her to settle down and listen and
things started flowing much smoother.   Kane we set up to do outruns, lifts and a couple of look backs.. Tonight I had to wear a heavy coat because the breeze was quite nippy. I took off across the marsh and remembered I hadn’t put my rubber boots on. Oh well its getting late so I decided to just make sure to stay on the high spots. Sounds good don’t it? To bad it doesn’t work that way hehehe I wound up with soaked feet. The winds have been strong here lately, and the panels have blow down, so I decided to put them in a new spot. Tonight they are set up more like I recall them being set up at finals in previous years. Kane’s outruns are beautiful, wide and very deep. His lift is strong and convincing. His look backs we need a little refining on, but he took them each time without to much of a fight. I don’t know that we will even place in the finals, but there is one thing I now for positive sure, I’m so very proud of this dog. He is giving me his heart and soul. He loves me to no end. I know without any doubt what so ever he is going to go to the finals and give me every thing he has. Only four more days of practice, the time is rapidly approaching. We are going to be ready!

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