Updates On Tait!

It’s been a long time since I’ve made a up-date on Tait. Since his injury back in late April poor Tait has been through hell. He was on drugs that messed with the immune system and received a several infections . He has had four surgery’s. For nearly two months he had a gaping hole in his rear leg and could not go near any stock or contamination source area’s. His exercise consisted of going potty on a leash. Was carried up and down stairs, had to be picked up and set on the seat to ride to the vet. He wasn’t allowed hardly any exercises.Gradually he went from dragging his leg to just dragging a foot.. Slowly but sure he went from dragging that foot to just dragging the ends of his toes. Even now at time he drags a little. Still he has went through a long process and never once gave up. Every day was a battle to keep him paced slow. He would beg to go work with me when he could hardly stand on his own. He still has  little glitches in his getty up, you can still see a little limp as he walks.

Well Yesterday— Friday August the 28th Mr. Tait got to go back to his first (sheep)Trial in 4 months. He was acting like a puppy. He was over joyed that he as able to go with me once again. Not only did he compete he tied for first place. I was almost in TEARS as we received his awards. Ron Green -n-Tait

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  1. A BIG congratulations, and I wish Tait a long, distinguished career in spite of his accident. I read about it when it happened, and I’m so glad you posted an update. Big Corgi hugs, Debbie

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