Simons Adoption Month

Simon doesn’t get a lot of airtime here.  As a general statement, this is my training journal.  However, none of this would be possible without Simon.   You see it was Simon fetching the neighbor’s horses out of our field to return them in the dark that led me into working dogs.  I wanted another heartbeat in the house and he needed a place to live, 6 years ago last month.

Above all else, Si (pronounced “Ss-Eye”) is chief caretaker/greeter in charge.  It doesn’t really matter how you feel about dogs, he doesn’t care.  At the ARPH/ Seattle Kennel Club rescue booth he was often on his longline carefully inspecting pockets for munchies, then would sit infront of who ever had them.  Didn’t really matter much if they were in motion.  One year, a woman approached him at the booth pet him and then burst into tears.  He looked just her dog who had just passed and she needed a set of ears to scratch.  He knew it too, just curled up right next to her and let her cry on him.


When Molly was recovering, she kept falling off the bed. However, keeping her on the bed was the easiest way to make sure i got her outside in a timely manner at night. So despite a deep dislike for sleeping on the bed, he sucked it up and for a full week Molly slept between us on the bed. He was miserable. She still worships him. Go figure.

Don’t go and think he’s all soft and gushy.  He’s tough enough to move just about any cow and is plotting the demise of the raccoon who has foolish;y chosen to nest in the maple tree on the back of our property.  He’s the reason I happily camp where ever i want thank you very much.  Not because he’s dangerous, but he’s 24″ and 70 pounds trim.  He’s totally approachable but most folks don’t try hard. 😉

The irony is that it took almost 20 minutes of my sitting perfectly still for him to approach me the first time we met in Spokane.  On the first approach he was pretty close and i stuck out my hand for him to smell and he pee’d and took off.  It took a long while for him to figure out that i wasn’t out to get him. Not that anyone would know now.


So happy adoption month Bubba.  Not sure exactly who adopted who, but at this point I don’t think it matters much.

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  1. Wonderful story of the tale of Simon (tail?) I hope to meet him someday.

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