We did a crossdrive! We did a crossdrive!

I think for a lot of people, when there is epic failure we tend to go back to what is comfortable.  2 steps forward, 1 step backward.  Maybe it’s just me.  But  i’m a huge weenie.  However, last weekend when  I took Molly down to Fido’s i decided to not have a real plan… just walk in and do what came to mind.  No training goal per se, just go in and do and enjoy doing.  Let it flow?

We did a few fetch drills.  She’s not bending in on the Bye side as much anymore, but still inconsistently on the Away side.  Which is ok. Time and consistent work will work that out in time.   I’m not too worried. I am starting to send her off my side though.  She’s using me as a crutch otherwise and i’m tired of it.  I don’t wanna walk that much anymore!

We did some pen work.  Which she did well at with one caviot: she’s unsure about going around if i’m behind the gate.  behind the fence is fine, behind the gate makes for a black and white chicken.  Considering though that this is the 3rd time i’ve ever worked take pens with her, she’s doing not so badly.  She also put sheep out into the arena for other people.  Not quite and AKC style set-out, but put them out the gate nicely and they did happen to land around the right place. Yay – since i’d like to try to use her as a setout dog sometime.

We also did a baby crossdrive as per directions below:

In this image, i am yellow, Molly is purple and Sheep are red.  Though instead of going out and around me like in the pic, she’s walking right in behind the sheep because they’re already at the fence.   There are two ways to look at this and i’m sticking with the lemonaide version:  she walks up very nicely, slows on command as needed and after 10 or 15 steps does a lovelyjob of peeling them off the fence back to me. Which for a speed demon is a minor miracle.  The reality version is that she walks up very nicely, slows on command and cannot seem to take a flank toward me.  Tried calling her in Come-Here, Away-Here.  Tried just Come Bye so she’d flank out behind me, and she takes the away to fetch them in to me.  So, instead of perpetuating a bad habit that we can talk to Elsie about it on Wednesday.  When she did it last weekend i tried it twice and she just couldn’t get her head around it.  When i tried it this past weekend i started telling her to Lie and then the flank hoping that it would catch her attention.  Not so much.

However, in a brighter spot, in an open field she’ll push them off me and drive them away straight off me.  She’ll catch the eye and just keep on going.  I’ve had to reinforce the Walk Up which has worked well as she’s forced to Walk Up walking away form me.  So she’s not associating the Walk Up with walking toward me.  Now to just teach her that covering flank. OOHHHHHH Elssssie…. 🙂

At least i had the good sense to ask for help before i totally break her this time! LOL

Oh and nothing new with Simon.  I might put him out on Wednesday for kicks.  He has a drive so maybe i can figure out steering a little better with him.

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2 thoughts on “We did a crossdrive! We did a crossdrive!

  1. Inside flanks are very tough to teach, so don’t beat yourself up too much for your dogs’ confusion 🙂 Keep in ming the actual space between her nose and the sheep’s bodies. The closer she is the harder it is going to be for her release the pressure and give you a flank. Never underestimate the power of a good lay down.

    Also as your driving gets better your outruns-top end will most likely flatten out. So try to maintain what you have as you move forward.

  2. Wow not too good of a job editing that before hitting send. Yikes.

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