almost there…

2/26/11 I did some thinking on the grain in the tractor bucket. I decided I didn’t want to confuse Charm anymore than this learning to drive all ready has. I’ve got her doing some inside flanks and she is thinking, trying, willing right now. I don’t want to push the envelope any farther at the moment. But I will keep it in mind to use at another date in the future. Today we just mounted up and did a few fetches and short drives. While on the horse I like to make sure we are having very positive experiences. The snow is still around 9 inches deep and very cold. I’m wearing a cap with ear flaps on it, plum ugly but very warm. So I’m up here with big ole muck boots, multiple layered clothes, a Russian army cap. Yep I look very Cow Boy! Charm didn’t seem to notice my attire. She was just doing what she loves doing, working stock. I’m very pleased with her progress, I only wish there was another month of training before this trial. That’s on me not Charm. I know she is going to go and try her heart out for me. I’m going to try hard to not let my competitive nature push her beyond her training. I must realize what she is capable of and use her strengths to overcome her weak areas. There is a reason that she isn’t entered into the Open division.

2/27/11 Today is going to be pretty much our last day of training. All in all I’m very happy with Charm. We worked twice today and both times she was trying her little heart out for me. You know no matter what happens at this trial, Charm has been a blessing for me. She has made it so I am pressured to get her ready for this trial. I mean I could be in at the computer sitting on my butt reading or watching television. Instead I have been out working several dogs every day. Kane is pretty much a finished dog, his talent is no doubt also enhanced by daily work. But honestly If I had not of entered Charm in this trial I might of slacked off a tiny bit. Human nature I think. So by entering her I think it has helped every dog here. Charm still isn’t real sharp on her inside flanks. We just haven’t put the hours or miles in that it takes to become solid in this department. At least now she isn’t approaching it with total confusion. She has the basics and will switch direction with a Annnnnnnnnnt or heyyyy. She no longer looks at this as being punishment but as a clue from me. We are almost on completely vocal commands. I do hope I’m not setting this fine little dog up to look bad. I hope to not let my EGO get in the way and accept her just as we are at the moment. Maybe tomorrow morning I’ll be able to put her on some strange stock prior to leaving for Winnemucca. I have so many thing running around it my head. I just wish other folks could understand all the tensions I put on myself prior to trials. I really expect to excel every time out. I think I’m in possession of some mighty fine, talented, brave dogs. I think Charm is also in this bracket. Kane what can I say!!!!!!!! With a better handler this dog would already be a USBCHA Champion. I’m glad he has decided to stick it out with me.

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