Hello Attention Seeking Behavior

When Molly was first in her big accident, I found myself having to do some insta-learning.  In living with Simon, and my own physical hiccups, i’m comfortable with broken bodies.  I know what to do for the most part.  Also, i’m a devotee of Dr. Gregory House – so i know everything. 🙂  Molly’s most serious injuries were to her brain; an area that i have very little experience with.   I’ve had a mild concussion. There is a big difference between snowboarding for the the first time on ice dusted with snow and falling forward face first down the mountain… and whatever happened to Molly that knocked her unconscious for 25 minutes and stopped her pupils from dilating for 3 days.

Thankfully, when her former foster mom came to see her a few days afterward,  she told me something that i’ve always kept in mind:

[I] had a major concussion years ago, and [i’m] just now starting to feel normal again. Be patient. It can take a long time.

Fast forward almost 4 years (eek!) and we are now living in a different situation. At the new house, she has free reign and access to a good sized backyard.  No more Amy lording over S&M, constantly directing their play.  Instead they are starting to instigate their own play – most recently in front of the TV (grr).  They are both more relaxed.  While a little bored with no deer/moles/ducks to chase, the new noises and other dogs are interesting.  As is whatever Simon thinks is camped out under my shed.

Simon even made a dog friend. That’s how much more relaxed he is.

And I am more relaxed, both generally and with them.

What’s the progress?  The little dog who rarely made any noise outside of a barely audible whine will alert bark on occasion and has even started ‘talking’ to me.
Non-Molly Example:

Just to be clear, Molly’s first words will not be I Love You.  It will be Bring Me Bacon. I’ve created a monster. 😉

Last night i was standing against the back of the couch watching TV and all the sudden there were little paws on my arse and my elbow was being nose-bumped!

No, i didn’t get after her.  I may regret it later and i’m ok with that.

While i’m not sure how our new situation and Molly’s current progress are related, I am positive they are.  Yes, Positive.

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