Post Trial


I want to write about this trial but I just can’t seemed to do it without degrading it. A lot of people could think I’m hammering on them because the un-fairness helped them out. I’m at a dilemma in my life here. I feel like I was screwed without lubrication.  There was many witnesses but no one is willing to stand up for what’s right. How can I write how I truly feel if it affects others in a diagretory way?

This I can say, both Charm and Kane was really giving me their hearts. I have zero complaints about either of them. We walked away from Winnemucca with our heads held high. Kane should be and in my mind is the Champion dog there!


Was a long drive home. Last night we received a phone call about one of our clients. She had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital via 911. This isn’t what we envisioned driving home to. We are very worried.


Vic spent this week at the hospital with our client. I stayed and ran the home in her absence. I did get to go out and work dogs most every day.


Once again I worked the dogs pretty much daily. On the 16th I received a new dog in for training named Jake. I hope he is mature enough to deal with me. His owner was pretty animate for him to begin working NOW. I will know in a couple of weeks whether he is mature enough to deal with heavy work. I will not over pressure a young dog even for money!

That same day a young lady and her parents brought a dog by for a instinct test. The little girl is like 12 I think, but she is very bold. Didn’t even blink or step back with five steers running straight at her. Her young play mate, a border collie named Cookie for heavens sake, ran a steer through one of my gates. I could see the parents were visibly up-set. I’m like “good dog Cookie”!! HAHA the HUH, look in parents face. Not a big deal I tell them she’s a young dog and I want her to try to work, we’ll teach her how soon enough. For now knowing she has the burning desire to work is what I was looking for. When the daughter ask me how Cookie did, I replied AWESOME what did you think? She said I was so excited I didn’t know what to think, I was so happy she wasn’t afraid. HAHA this little girl is going be awesome too. First real lesson for the two of them in a control environment is Friday around 11 AM. I’m so much looking forward to it myself.

I am getting over my Winnemucca depression. I’ll try to get back to my cheerful self and start writing like myself again.

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