Road to the CowDog Finals

(admin note: yes, i’m behind.  will do better. ~ amy)


I’m just sitting here looking outside at all the ice this year. Holy smokes the drive into town yesterday was quite the adventure. Ice rain is so different than snow, it’s like water with glue in it. The stuff will stick to anything at all including the pavement and windshield wipers. Its slicker than oil on a shiny floor, was simply treacherous. Today I was hoping that we would have an early melt so I could go play with the dogs a little. Didn’t happen.

At this point I have not hardly went to any trials to acquire USBCHA finals points. With the new rules we can qualify for final points all the way till the end of March. Of course this year my first trial won’t be USBCHA sanctioned. It’s the Klamath Bull Sale. In years pass it has always been a great place to get finals points,  I guess I’ll have to investigate why its not sanctioned this year. No matter I have still entered both Tait and Kane. I have some really good friends I go with and others  that I meet up with there each year, or else I would pull my entries. Without the sanctioning there would be no finals. I would not get a chance to compete against the greatest cow dog trainers from across North America.

I’ve also entered two more trial prior to the deadline, one two day trial in Madras, OR. and another one day trial in Winnemucca, NV. I’m hoping they have a good drawing with a lot of entries, and the finals points flow our way. Would also be great if we had a good showing and deserved to win some of those points of course.

This year the Finals will be in Redding, Iowa on May 26-29th. I’ve never been to the state of Iowa before. Looks as though I might get to go compete there because I qualified a dog name Ruby that I had in for training. I’m pretty sure her owner, Gaynor Edwards, would like for me to run her at the finals. Ruby is an exceptional Open level dog but yet she has much to learn before going to the finals. Her outrun will need to be addressed in a big way. I’m just about positive she has no “Look Back” in her tool box of commands. Ruby has all the physical tools for the task, but she will need to work on the mental aspects of championship trialing.

So here I am stuck in this chair writing, when I would much rather be outside training. The problem is with this ice is, it would be dangerous for the dogs and stock. I bought 5 calves just for the training of the dogs in these next few months. They weren’t real healthy to begin with, so maybe this is mother natures way of slowing me down in the best interests of the stock. I am getting the training itch bad!

Another thing I need to work on is my physical well being. This last year I’ve added about forty or so extra  pounds, not only does it not look good on me, at my age its unhealthy. It’s the winters fault honestly, I need to get out of hibernation and exercise.I decided to get out of my chair and go work with the calves and give them some shots of LA200. They are still hacking and coughing, one was even foaming at the mouth. The vet says this is called travel fever. It’s a form of pneumonia and hopefully the antibiotics will knock it out. It was nice to be on the move even if it was doctoring animals

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