Apples & Oranges

Our ASCA Nationals has a Facebook group.  It is good for announcements & connecting people to share things and such.  All in all its a good group. There is some colorful feedback, but what group doesn’t have that?

A few weeks ago, a woman posted how much she appreciated the Conformation schedule being posted, but what about the schedule for Nationals Stock? Anyone who has been to Nationals know that Nationals Stock operates like any other trial, just on a longer spectrum.  Instead of being a 1 day, 3 judge 3 ring circus – it is a 3 day, 3 ring circus.  Outside of that the procedure is the same; start with Advanced level, then Open and finally Started. With this schedule, Started is always the last day, bit it *may* start on day two. It is important to check the run order every morning to see how things are going.

Once this was explained, she said the most amazing thing:

“This is my first time competing on stock. So I was curious about the procedure.”

I wanted to say “Honey, you are out of your mind, but i like that in a person. Let me know how I can help.” But I didn’t want to freak her out anymore.  LOL

It got me thinking about her being brave and me being a bit of a chicken.   I know I’m not supposed to compare myself to other people and waawaa, but I don’t know that this is a bad comparison.

I need to get brave.

There was a time in the not so distant past I could strange on a stage in a hideous sequined costume and ignore that fact that people were there AND purposefully watching me. Not sure where that went, but I need to find it.  I’m not going to jump into the deep end of the pool to look (tempting as that is).  I have my snorkel on though.

Two goals before Christmas:

1) Enter the ASCofWA Farm trial in October.  This is actually double hard because the last time I was at this location Simon and I killed a sheep.  Hey this blog is all about being honest… so there is honest. But yes I know Molly is not Simon.

2) Get to a point where we can sort our own sheep at The Farm.  The idea that I’ve not done this bugs me.  Not that I really *want* to train alone and thus have to sort my own sheep it is just knowing that it is not something I’m sure I can do that bugs me.

Need to visit he herbalist again. I’m getting butterflies thinking about printing the entry form….

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