Despite all the bravado, in many ways I am a people pleaser. I want things just so. When i throw an event i desperately want people to have a good time or find success – or both.  I get the big stuff out of the way; location, stock, judges, big prizes, airlines and then obsess over the details.  Obsess.

Will the raffle basket go over well?  Do i have enough plates, bowls & silverware in the trailer or my trial box?  Will the crockpot burn a corner of the breakfast casserole again? Maybe i can thieve Andy’s crock-pot. Hm.  Will the judges thank-you gifts be suitable?  Andrea posted photos of beautiful judges gifts. I wish i had an eye for things like that.  What about the welcome basket, is it enough?   What kind of condition is the coffee maker in? Will my card table hold up for the morning spread and the raffle basket?  Will people be ok with using my little electric tea kettle for tea and hot chocolate? How much tea diversity should there be? Earl Grey or no Earl Grey?  I think it is a functionally worthless tea, but lots of people like it.  Can i source local tea in a timely manner?  I despise foam cups, but the paper ones tend to be too hot for hands. If i make a big deal about people bringing their own cups, will they? What if i picked up some coffee cups from goodwill, bleached the bejeezpers out of them and put those out?

Yes, you read that right. I’ve been trying to problem solve foam cups for about 2 days.   I realize that most of this makes me look like a crazy person.  i understand that there are things i cannot control. You’ll notice i did not mention the weather once.  A little insight into how my brain works: it rains in WA, people get wet and that’s just one of those things. Costco sells decent rain suits for $40. Invest.  However, plastic cups for guests are just not ok unless there is a large bonfire.

Don’t laugh too hard. I’ve been quietly trying to get a handwash station in place for the porta potties for 3 years.  Those big water dispensers from construction sites never show up on freecycle or craigslist. Never.

Someone told me one year that it was obvious that i tried really hard so its ok. No. No it’s not.  I may tell you i agree and that it is ok, but it’s really not.  There is no excuse for poor planning when you have years of experience and months to organize.

Evie is just indispensable.  Since we do plants for many of our prizes, she just makes it all work. While I was working with Terry at Practically Famous Leathers for the end of weekend prizes, i kept finding myself trying to remember if i’d managed to remember the end of trial prizes.  That’s how comfortable i am with that part – i completely forgot about them.

That’s a big step for me.  Delegating and being comfortable enough to not worry.

Am i nervous? Absolutely.  Does it make any sense? Not a bit.  Is it worth it? You bet.

I get a total charge out of this.  I love watching people enjoy themselves at the April trial.  I can still see from the cowpens. Folks chatting that looking at the baskets and munching and drinking.  I’m a big dork. That kind of thing makes me happy.

See? Happy people.

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2 thoughts on “Butterflies

  1. Someday I will come to this trial. Probably just to volunteer, but it just sounds like fun. You rock. People may not outright notice the details, but they notice the lack of details and they appreciate these kind of trials.

    You. Rock.

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