Christmas is coming

And i need a duct tape gift basket. :/

I took this video weeks ago and have spent a ridiculous amount of time dissecting it.  We were just fussing around with the large group of sheep.  At the request of the owner, not purposefully fetching them bunch as they are BC trial sheep.  Molly is very patient considering the amount of foolishness i do. i’m starting to understand how husbands who have amazing wives feel. i don’t understand why she tolerates me sometimes. LOL

Because this is 3.45min of silliness, i tried to keep notes about where things were good and not so good.  The list got rather long on both sides, but the not so good side is easy to summarize:

  • She doesn’t know her flanks bc i keep giving her the wrong ones.
  • She doesn’t know a walk up in any position than a fetch bc honestly i’ve never taught it.  Oh and i just let her slide every time she did it wrong here in this video.
  • This is the first time she’s worked a large group in years and she’s way more comfortable.
  • I need a tripod. Multitasking is *obviously* not my thing!

So there we go.  Next lesson is tomorrow. 🙂


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