Before i left for Nationals, i needed to blow off steam.  i get wrapped a little tight before big trips. Especially those that include large crowds or being responsible for anything other than myself.  Erin had been on the road a few weeks and i needed to work my dog before handing her over to the dogsitter.  I’ve also been thinking about trialing her, so it is a good idea to take her to new farms and get her used to getting right to work even in new places.  I haven’t been to Diane’s farm in about 4 years. Perfect.

After sorting five out from the flock, we did a few of the normal things. Di indicated that her sheep lightened up for Molly, which worked great for us.  I really didn’t go in having a goal other than to do some outrun practice.   But it was so fun to work light sheep.   Molly did a good job getting out and around the sheep, though a few times i had to remind her to leave the geese.  She’d do her outrun, stop at the top and find her self inbetween the sheep and the geese.  The obvious confusion was actually pretty funny to watch.

Once she was clearing almost the length of the field on her outrun consistently… we still had another ten or fifteen sheep to play with in the roundpen.   One of the things we have struggled with at the farm is creating enough space between me and sheep for Molly to swing around on the inside flank.  Not only is this important for inside flanks, but also for setting up the drive.

This was out first attempt.  I kept trying different positions, but I kept putting pressure in the wrong place.

Aside from the opinionated ewe… subsequent attempts went well.

After that, she was a little brain dead. I took some time ti walk her through the barn and see the baby chicks and such.  All in all it was a nice afternoon.

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