Even though I live in the city with the pups, I still like to garden.  Specifically, I like to grow edibles.  Even on my small little plot of five thousand square feet I taken in a pretty good crop and variety with minimal effort.  I grow potatoes, squash, tomatoes, peppers, blueberries, raspberries, rainier cherries, various herbs and in a  few years the pear tree will start to produce. Some of them items I only grow enough to use during the season, but some items like the berries, herbs & potatoes keep and store through the winter.

When I was living on the farm, I always grew garlic as it stood up to the flooding well.  Since i moved, I’ve not planted any garlic for some reason.  Not only did it seem like it was time… as buying garlic is almost as silly as buying blackberries or zucchini. 🙂  .


Little garlic all in a row… in the front flowerbed.


I planted Turkish Giant Garlic from Territorial Seeds.  Special note: not giant!

I’m heading out to he Whidbey Island Border Collie trial tomorrow. So, back on topic next week! 🙂

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