Little Bits

I love toys.  All sorts of toys.  I’m not ashamed to admit that i’m also that person who only reads the directions if i can’t figure out how to do something after spending an inordinate amount of time trying to figure it out.  While i was in Portland at the World Domination Conference, my old phone finally took a flying leap.  In upgrading (and loosing my unlimited data ::cry::) i got a brand spankin new toy to play with.  YAY!

And in playing with it, we have lots of odd little video snippets.

First… a little fun.  Our field has some tall trees, tall grass and under the big tress are huge rocks.  Usually when i send her, at least one or two climb over the rocks.  Its fun, but we have to be really careful.  She does a good job of being slow when pushing them out from under the trees.

This is a good example of me not holding to the handling standards and her then subsequently not having the best experience.  But it turned out ok.

Of the three, this is by far my favorite. Not only do you get to see cool sheep horns, but it’s a good example of how she’s thinking and giving her sheep room around obstacles. It seems that when the dog gets too close around obstacles they loose the ability to effect the group and make one or two squirrely sheep, instead of letting the sheep move a little off her take the time to let the stock get to where they’re going in a low stress way.

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