Oh, that way

Today we started day one of homework described in last weeks post. Essentially the goal is for Molly to learn her sides by verbal command without reading me. Also, we’re reinforcing small flanks, working jut outside the pressure bubble and laying down when asked.

Nothing to substantial to report outside of this:

1) My dog doesn’t know her flanks. I don’t want to talk about it. Its just that bad.

Me: “Away to Me”
Molly: goes to the bye side because i’m purposefully asking her to go into my pressure and that’s hard.
Me: “Down! (pause) Away to me.”
Molly: Rinse Repeat.
Me: “Down! (pause and tip stick creating pressure where i don’t want her to go so she kinda has to think about the words i am actually saying) Away to me.”
Molly: Rinse, Repeat.
Me: “Down!”
Molly: down then leans the wrong way .
Me: “Accch!! (pause) Away to me.”
Molly: nice wide bubble on the Way side.
Me: “this is going to require beer.”

It did get better, but my doG.

2) My dog understands corrections when they are appropriate for the situation. This sounds obvious, but remember last week i had Pouty McPouterson. So i was trying to be both observant and realistic. But after the above exchange, i wanted it to be clear where she was wrong but also where she was right. I started throwing in her verbal reward cue instead of just ‘good dog’, and then downing her when she turned into me after that cue (which is a lesson to people: go TO your dog to reward them in training). Without some kind of Control Group its hard to say “yes, this made it better”, but Pouty McPouterson didn’t make an appearance. YAY!

also as a side note: I found myself pointing my stick at her shoulder and pushing her out correctly more often than at her bum. Something to be said for the concept of writing things down to remember them.


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