play by play

Molly and i did some practice work instead of lessons this past week.  Here are 2 of the videos.

So not so much babbling here. It looks a little odd because i have this bad habit of sending her and then continuing to turn.  Since she is set up at an angle away from her stock, she generally does a  good job.  At the top she turns in a bit late, but she is also covering the draw back to the rest of the open field. Or at least that’s the story we’re going to stick with as typically she’d have realized MUCH later that she’s over flanked.  i wouldn’t use this as an advertisement if i was going to sell her, but overall it shows good work.

This also as a bit of an odd start. We were in the middle of doing other things and then i realized the camera was off. meh. Right off the top at .11 she’s reading her sheep and giving them a chance to move calmly and i’m rushing her.  At .20 she’s covering the draw and at .25 does a nice job of turning in on her sheep while still giving them room.  Right about here you can see their earset is alert, but not the backward concerned ears that Simon would get.   Her turn at .33 is exactly what every start off from a flank should look like; a direct 45 degree motion from the start.  In close quarters she’d not be effecting her stock nearly as much and at a distance she’s observing and recognizing the bubble. You’ll notice at .41 the sheep really don’t start to move until she’s at the top. loverly. She does a nice job of covering the draw until .50 when she gets a little ahead of her sheep (but not coming in to head) and we down her. Now this is bad handler habit – you’ll notice next she does a lovely turn into the corner and starts to bring them next to me.  This is troublesome, but not the end of the planet.  It is troublesome b/c 1) i didn’t ask her to 2) if this is her habit in a corner then in a trial situation she might just work the fence and constantly turn  sheep out of the corner back to me 3) did i mention i didn’t ask her to?  I should be making a point to stop and hold her before going into the corner and if i was smart, having her do something – anything except fetching them out of the corner.  Either way she has a nice quiet way about her when she goes into the corner (TY Ron), so it is an opportunity for me to not worry and take a breathe. Then at 1.28 we see that nice wide flank, then in at the top.

This is pretty representative of the work i get out of her when we practice. On the fence, off the fence… doesn’t matter.  She is really starting to feel the pressure and move around it appropriately.

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