No matter where you fall on the ‘i love animals’ spectrum, unplanned, unwanted puppies and kitties are pretty universally understood to be the saddest. i’m always reminded of the puppies i evaluated for a shelter that were Merle to Merle from an oops litter. Only to be told that these were the 3rd generation of puppies from this home that had started as a pet home. The owners had fallen on hard times and had not been able to alter one or the other of their intact merle Aussies. And then the litters started. At first they could place the puppies, but with the older puppies that were not sold coming into sexual maturity, they were in for a world of hurt. It is suspected the puppies i evaluated were a mother/son merle to merle breeding.

It’s not the parentage that bugged me (though it would not have been my choice), but that these dogs were the result of essential poverty in an under-served part of Washington state.

As we are leaving 2013 and entering 2014, ’tis the season to do year end charitable donations.
Please consider donating to one of these organizations which all do low cost spay and neuter in Washington State as non-profit organizations.

Northwest Spay & Neuter Center
Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project
SpokAnimal Koko Lifesaver Fund
Spokane Humane Spay/Neuter Clinic
Seattle Humane Lexus Fund for Dogs
WeSnip – Whatcom Low-Cost Spay Neuter
Concern for Animals – Thurston, Mason & Lewis county
Valley Animal Partners – Snoqualmie Valley

If your area is not represented, most local shelters and Humane Society has some kind of fund or foundation to support low cost medical and spay neuter.  Support your local groups. Mark your donations for Spay/Neuter (yes, you can do that!). There is no minimum; $10 can offset the cost of medication.

The big secret is that the majority of the national societies that are asking for your money right now are lobbying groups.

Shop Local folks. 🙂


And have a very merry christmas.

Merry Merry!!

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