Before I do the big nationals post… I need to memorialize a moment.  I know it was a moment because Penny made that classic shock face and then started laughing uncontrollably.

When I get nervous… and that happens all. The . Time..

I babble.

I don’t talk a lot.  I don’t chatter…. I babble.

Truth: new people make me nervous.

After a full day of poor Tony Padgett & Ken Silvera listening to me babble at Cattle finals…

On Sunday morning I was out of words.

True story. Penny and Ken and Tony and I all ran into each other while trying to find spots for cattle finals and while everyone was chatting Tony turns to me

“You’re awfully quiet.”

“Really? Dunno.  I’m out of words.”

I thought Ken was going to fall over and Penny made that face.

So now there is proof – it can be done.  I can run out of words. 😉

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