Take it like a dog lady

The new Sheryl Sandberg book “Lean In” has gotten a lot of press lately.  The audio verson has not landed at my local library yet, but i have listened to a few interviews and read some really wonderful reviews.

I have one thought – Sheryl just needed to get into working dogs on stock.

There are few hobbies that will educate you how to fail gracefully – despite your best efforts.  How to ask for what you want, as there are no wilting flowers here.  Did you ever meet a woman in stock who wasn’t setting long term goals? Or balancing hours upon hours of work in the rain with family obligations?  Taking time to teach when appropriate? 

Few are the stockfolks who call another ‘pushy’ because they are female.  Nor unfeminine, even when knee high boots are covered in mud. 

Women are standing tall along side men in the leadership of stock programs. Not only in ASCA, but in AKC and AHBA, unawares of the example they provide.  They’re busy running their dogs.

Sheryl, i’m sorry you felt like you had to spend so much of you time writing a book about something, many of us learned in muddy or dusty fields…

How to take it like a dog lady.

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