There be mud in them thar field

Instead of the normal training session, i spent Saturday and Sunday working Molly in Arlington and Stanwood.  Molly didn’t work much in Arlington. As much as i enjoy handling cattle, Molly is still finding her confidence. So while we didn’t use her for breaking calves, we did let her start to move the calves a little in the arena.  She started to really spark when her BC buddy Kiki came in and showed her how.  Seems like Molly learns the best when one of Ron’s young BC’s show her how to get it done. 😉

I made the effort to have her help me sort out the calves from the adults in the roundpen – a task that she’s done before.  This year she seemed a little flat with the adult cows.  It was strange, but not so strange that i’m horribly concerned about it. Once the video camera turned off and i had her put the calves in the alley from the 2nd round pen, she was much more animated. In the second round pen i was also closer with her.  I’ll probably use her lightly in the pens during the trial with the calves. She was really appropriate with them and she could use the miles.

On Sunday Ron, Bob, Sharon and I took our dogs out for a spin on Bob & Sharon’s sheep.  It was a really neat experience for me as there were dogs in all sorts of stages presenting a variety of training issues.  This is always a really hard place for me to be in and i find myself practically tugging on Ron’s sleeve.  “hey Ron, would X exercise/solution work here?”  A few times i got an education, but a few times i watched my suggestion in practice and it worked!  Totally awesome feeling.

Sunday was also awesome because i worked Molly in a strange place and she stopped when i asked her. LOL  We didn’t push anything and show off our little driving steps, but she bent out wide on her outrun and got most of her flanks right on her circle drill.   Ron noticed that she wasn’t going between all of the sheep and the fence, but rather finding the hole to blow through.  And really, she knows how to do an appropriate corner without blowing through anything.  I think i need to try to vary her practice locations a little bit so we can discuss these things. 😉

photos and videos in later posts.

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