Just a shortie as today is the first day of the April Trial and i need to get on my way.

This past week, the Facebook Page National Purebred Dog Day highlighted the Aussie.  Every couple of days or a week they focus on a breed and ask breed folks all sorts of questions  It’s very cute.

In asking about Aussies, they asked about working styles and habits. I responded and went further to explain the difference between Eye and Upright as follows:

Eye is like the creepy guy in the bar.  You know he’s there; you can feel him and you get up and move to get away from it.  Being Upright [Aussies] is more how a good bouncer moves a crowd; Stand there, exude power and confidence.  Speak and use physical contact as needed.

Which i think is a description just about everyone can wrap their brains around.

These past few weeks i decided to return back to my original mindset of not competing with Molly.  Which led me to start playing again with my voice when i work her.  More specifically, how often i use my voice, volume, tempo, inflection.

My first attempt looked like this:

Needless to say this was not what i was looking for.

This is what i ended up with finally:

Not a creepy crawly Aussie nor stylized eye, but a dog with a few tools depending on the situation.  Which is perfect for my needs.  More tools in the belt.


I’m sure me shutting my trap wasn’t helpful at all…

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