Shut it!

Over the years i’ve talked a lot about voice; tone, volume, constant nagging.  You see in my head, i am clear as a bell and it is obvious what i’m looking for, but i’m fairly sure my dogs think i sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher. Waa bwaa bwa bwa waa… Bwa waa waa wa

Nag nag nag.

Most trainers will say things like “don’t ask for it if you don’t expect it to happen” and “stress travels” and my personal favorite… “S/he doesn’t know what you want!” Like that somehow makes the dog and I different. With that particular trainer i had no idea why i was asking for what i was asking for either.

So for instance, by the time i started opening my mouth to give my dog direction… i was late. Way late for her as once she’s inside the pressure bubble i have to call her back to me to redirect her. (45 seconds)

But this is the point.


Me running my mouth and making drama:

me being more careful with my words.

This is the first 7 minutes of our work. It is usually her best work and i made an effort then to keep the yammering to a minimum.

These videos area few weeks old and the girls are due to lamb soon. Not so much work for a while, but i suspect the next 5 posts will all be able the Away side. It appears i need to go find it.

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