Slow Time

It has been a while since i posted. Mostly because there is a lot going on, but also because i’m having a hard time deciding what to put in here and what to set aside and keep as a private thought.

The April Trial went off well. It seems like most of the off time was spent in my kitchen or the kitchen of the small house at Sara-Jo’s. It was wonderful and the trial was good too. 🙂 Having people in your home is how your bring it to life, give it sparks and light. I’m excited about taking a break from April, but i suspect that if the opportunity presents its self later, i’ll Course Direct again. If for no other reason than to see my little house light up again with bright conversation – not always agreeing, but not rude. And laughing. Lots of laughing.

Molly is doing well. We’ve been off sheep for a while as the sheeps produced a fantastic crop of lammies with the *cutest* ears. Oh, and they’re huge, which is no surprise as their daddy is quite large. Their daddy is the ram that Erin and i had to load into the back of a truck. Momma ewes come generally in two varieties – protective and not protective and of all the ewes, three of them have decided that all non-LGD/sheep type critters are evil. No matter how familiar. While Molly has a good history with lambs, being soft as she is, it just seemed wise to not push the issues.

Today, i took her up and we worked the school wethers.  There is temp fence set up along the ditch, on the part of the large pasture to try to save that pasture for grass next month.  While Molly did exactly what i told her, she rightfully was a little late/slow to comply when her rusty handler kept giving her the wrong command.  Poor Molly.”you know this Away, not Come by, right? But you’re facing this way and this way makes sense… so we’re going to play opposite day.” Which eventually led the sheep to be between on the two feet of space between the temp fence and the ditch.  We’ve worked the ditch, but not with the fence pressure.  I tried sending her wide, so she’s cross the ditch and walk up along the fence, but she wouldn’t cross the ditch.  When i did walk her up to the sheep, i should have walked further out with her, so she saw clearly what i was asking for. however the thistles are starting to grow, and i was wearing a long skirt and sandals. Which makes the thistles sharp on feet.  I did get her across the ditch and she walked up, turned the last sheep and off we went again. We’ll doing that exercise again.

The next items are Fourth of July in Graham and the Montana trial; back to back.  I’m going to probably insert myself into cattle with her to see where she is.  Montana will be interesting though. It is a whole new place to me. Usually before i offer to work a trial, i go scout it out (sounds terrible, right?), but i’m really excited about this group of trialers and judges.  The sheep sound similar on the pen-side to what we’ve moved at BlackSheep in Spokane.  Also, a little selfishly, i’ve never been to Montana. It’s on the list. 🙂

So that’s what’s going on with me.

well, not all of it, but the parts that seem to be appropriate here.  Maybe i’ll do another post in a few days about the non-stockdog misadventures. The Cratepad business, the rowing, and such. It is never quiet.

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