The Second Mouse

Willie Nelson said once “The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.”  That is all fine and good for the second mouse, who hopefully got a nice sharp cheddar. When it comes to working stock, good timing is seeing the signs your stock will turn, scatter or bolt just before it happens.

I’m getting better at seeing it. Miles, miles, miles.

Molly is doing a great job of doing what I ask.  She’s walking up solid, but like many loose eyed dogs she slides a bit off the sides of the pressure.  I can slow her down and call her inside, but when i’m a bit late i’m having to turn her inside further than i’d like and then late again and you can see where that’s going.  Or rather not going…

Since we’ve not been at this driving thing a terribly long time, i’m thinking about trying a long line.  Behavior work tells me that it is easier to prevent a behavior i don’t want than untrain it.  A long line could help her learn to keep the pressure on and not slide off.

Here is part of our work from Wednesday.

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