Dog Things


It seems like lately all of the blog posts start with ‘lets catch up a bit’, but as mentioned in the previous post, my non-stock life has gotten a bit away from me. All in good ways though. When I arrived in Frenchtown to set for the ASCofMontana trial, and unloaded 5 yards of rubber, […]


This past weekend we had another sheep-loading adventure.  When the hillside came down in the Oso Slide, the rock and debris blocked the North Fork of the Stillaguamish River. The possibility of a breach lead a handful of us to head out to a farm on the downstream flood plain and attempt to load up about […]

My Part of the Job

Last week(ish) I tried and failed to do the basic farm sort. All sheep to pens, rough gate sort, then a more refined sort in a smaller space. At first i found myself blaming my dog. I think everyone has done that at somepoint. When you feel so off kilter that you find the easiest […]

Handler Stress

Handler stress is something that after almost 5 years… I am understanding and conquering.   This is a big statement as historically i’ve been known to come completely unglued if things went wrong.  Understand that a lot of this stems from experiences with Simon where when things went wrong, there was blood.  Not a lot, but […]