Dog Things


*More of me not working sheep, though i suspect that will change very soon.* This past weekend, i met up with friends on Whidbey Island and got to watch the Widbey Island Fall Classic at Susan Crocker’s home near Langley. You have to know is that Whidbey is beautiful.  The town of Langley reminds me […]

Apples & Oranges

Our ASCA Nationals has a Facebook group.  It is good for announcements & connecting people to share things and such.  All in all its a good group. There is some colorful feedback, but what group doesn’t have that? A few weeks ago, a woman posted how much she appreciated the Conformation schedule being posted, but […]

Whistle While You Work?

Dwarves not included. *********************** One of the random side discussions we’ve been having during lessons is about whistles. Learning to do them, learning to use them, learning to train them.  While whistles are super common in Border Collie land, we don’t see them very much in Aussies.  Which doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t or shouldn’t use them. […]