Dog Things

You ate WHAT?

(note: with Nationals coming up and all the associated craziness, i’m not getting to sheep as often. Hopefully this will tide thee over.) I am blessed with a dog that will eat almost anything.  Not in the dog-eating-rocks sort of way, but if i put a food product in front of Simon and cue him […]

Pastoral Ham

While on the road to Big Willow SDT Ron (Spokane Stockdogs) and Hope happened upon a South American shepherd and his two dogs. Shepherds in the mountain west don’t have a visitor center, but in 2010 there were about 1,500 of them with their flocks. Interestingly, as the economy is starting to stumble back up, […]

There be mud in them thar field

Instead of the normal training session, i spent Saturday and Sunday working Molly in Arlington and Stanwood.  Molly didn’t work much in Arlington. As much as i enjoy handling cattle, Molly is still finding her confidence. So while we didn’t use her for breaking calves, we did let her start to move the calves a […]

Oh Hai!

For not being a terribly busy practice session… it was still an interesting time. I noticed a few things that’s really aren’t connected in a cohesive line. 1)  I’m not supporting Molly consistently on her outruns. I caught myself pushing her outrun too far, too fast. This is especially true on the Bye side where […]