It seems like lately all of the blog posts start with ‘lets catch up a bit’, but as mentioned in the previous post, my non-stock life has gotten a bit away from me. All in good ways though. When I arrived in Frenchtown to set for the ASCofMontana trial, and unloaded 5 yards of rubber, […]

Slow Time

It has been a while since i posted. Mostly because there is a lot going on, but also because i’m having a hard time deciding what to put in here and what to set aside and keep as a private thought. The April Trial went off well. It seems like most of the off time […]


Before I do the big nationals post… I need to memorialize a moment.  I know it was a moment because Penny made that classic shock face and then started laughing uncontrollably. When I get nervous… and that happens all. The . Time.. I babble. I don’t talk a lot.  I don’t chatter…. I babble. Truth: […]