Spokane Stockdogs

Pastoral Ham

While on the road to Big Willow SDT Ron (Spokane Stockdogs) and Hope happened upon a South American shepherd and his two dogs. Shepherds in the mountain west don’t have a visitor center, but in 2010 there were about 1,500 of them with their flocks. Interestingly, as the economy is starting to stumble back up, […]

Post Trial

3/06/11  I want to write about this trial but I just can’t seemed to do it without degrading it. A lot of people could think I’m hammering on them because the un-fairness helped them out. I’m at a dilemma in my life here. I feel like I was screwed without lubrication.  There was many witnesses […]

almost there…

2/26/11 I did some thinking on the grain in the tractor bucket. I decided I didn’t want to confuse Charm anymore than this learning to drive all ready has. I’ve got her doing some inside flanks and she is thinking, trying, willing right now. I don’t want to push the envelope any farther at the […]

The week before Winnemucca

2/22/11 Charm has been getting the majority of my time here lately. Today is no exception, she is starting to work with me instead of fighting me on this driving. Today I started out with some simple fetches then made the fetches some what harder. I placed a rubber tub of oats in the pasture. […]