Spokane Stockdogs

Moses Lake Trial

2/07-10/11Nothing much to write on these days. I do use either Tait or Kane to take the steers to pasture and then to put them back into the barn at night. But now the steers know the routine. I think they would march either out or back without a dog. Still I use a dog […]

Road to the Bull Sale

1/31/11 I’m really starting to get hyped up. The Klamath Bull Sale dog trials is coming up fast now. Only three more days away. I used Tait to move the steers out to pasture. Today he was driving straight as an arrow reading exactly the right amount of pressure from barn to pasture. I love […]

K’ass, Kiki and Cattle

1/27/11 I’m so very jazzed about Tait’s Vet. reports. All his reports came back better than I ever expected. All vital organs were functioning perfectly his CBC and chem. panel work came back as completely normal. Because of the raw diet, I also had Toxoplasmosis Titers test done for IgM and IgG. He is a […]


1/23/11 Kane was the only one to do any stock work at all. I had him take the steers to pasture this morning and return them to the barn tonight. He was very keen but held his grip, calmly moving them each way. I’m pretty proud of how he is refraining from biting. I try […]