Spokane Stockdogs

Road to the CowDog Finals

(admin note: yes, i’m behind.  will do better. ~ amy) 1/22/11 I’m just sitting here looking outside at all the ice this year. Holy smokes the drive into town yesterday was quite the adventure. Ice rain is so different than snow, it’s like water with glue in it. The stuff will stick to anything at […]

Adventures in Herding

Today was a beauty. I had some previous students over that owns some Mini Aussie’s and they sure made a impression on me. Before they had some show quality type mini’s that wasn’t very impressed about working stock. Slap me down if you want, but for that reason I wasn’t expecting much out of today’s […]

Update May 5, 2009

We made it fine to Nebraska. I had a great time at the handler’s introduction and meeting. Trial starts at 7 am tomorrow morning & Kane will be the 12th to the post. Looks like a short outrun lift. The whole thing looks to be only a couple hundred yards. Outrun lift then down and around […]

Update April 29th

This evening we are back at Hopes place. I want to do some more look back practice and long distance listening skills. This will also be the theme for the next four nights. Kane knows his commands; he knows what “LOOK” means, now we need to fine tune his and my understanding of what we […]