Stock Events in the PNW

NWDog Stockdog Events Calendar

If you have questions about an event, ask the host club. I know little more than what you see here.

If you have questions about how an event appears here, or that an event appears and it shouldn’t or that an event doesn’t appear and it should… Then ask me.

Easy, right? Right!


Put the Calendar on Your Phone or Desktop

if you’d rather, you can have the NWDog Stock Calendar appear on your smartphone or desk top calendar application.  These are Google calendars.

IPhone Instructions:

Google Calendar/Droid Instructions:  (remember that Droid and google do some things auto-magically. If you add it to your google calendar it should appear the next time your sync your phone calendar.


Code Links:






This events calendar is maintained by me, and other people.  It has the bare minimum of information and includes a link to a place to get better info – usually the host clubs website, sometimes a premium.


There are other trials going on, but these are the ones that have been sent to me either directly or as part of a public announcement.  If you’re interested in AKC trials, they are located at  AKC events are only added with the express permission of the Trial Secretary, in writing/email.

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