I get it

This is terribly late because I have about 40 minutes of video to edit, and that is a daunting task. In trying to keep this current though, i think it is important to put it down with or without video. I’ll post later with the video and make a bigger deal about the details then. […]

He just jumps in…

Sometimes, when a person describes how they completed a task it sounds easy.  Especially when that task is one that you have to repeat.  When Erin told me “We’re going to put a halter on him and i’ve been told he’s going to jump in the back of the truck.” a part of me knew […]

The Second Mouse

Willie Nelson said once “The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.”  That is all fine and good for the second mouse, who hopefully got a nice sharp cheddar. When it comes to working stock, good timing is seeing the signs your stock will turn, scatter or bolt just before […]

Come Bye


After taking time off for the holidays, it felt good to get back in the field.  I feel more relaxed, more settled and i have figured out how to make small goals that really work for me.  First, set the big goal, then the small goals, but give those small goals flex.  Imagine a few […]