Refugee Status

instead of doing a mass email to everyone with a general update, i thought this would be easier…. maybe. 😉 The weather has been very busy up here in the PNW.  The dogs were excited about the 7″ of snow in the Snoqualmie Valley and truthfully so was I.  I needed a vacation and didn’t […]

Retiring Simon

When a person spends years trying to accomplish something, it can sometimes blind them to what is really going on.  I’ve been working Simon on stock off for 3 years, trying desperately to see that spark of ability and instinct I’d seen years before.  Maybe to both our detriment?  I don’t regret working him as […]

The boy is home.

After a long 6 week absense, the Slimey-Dog (Simon) is home and settling in nicely.  Not only is it a huge releif to have him back to even out the estrogen overload in the house, but it is so great for Molly to have someone more fun than me to play with.  Watching them run […]