No matter where you fall on the ‘i love animals’ spectrum, unplanned, unwanted puppies and kitties are pretty universally understood to be the saddest. i’m always reminded of the puppies i evaluated for a shelter that were Merle to Merle from an oops litter. Only to be told that these were the 3rd generation of […]

Hole-y Shed

During the handler education lesson last week we worked on reading sheep and doing efficient feeding with two groups. Remember that lesson was about me learning to read sheep, sort in an intelligent manner and do the work without the dog, so I can better do the job with the dog.  Part of that process […]

My Part of the Job

Last week(ish) I tried and failed to do the basic farm sort. All sheep to pens, rough gate sort, then a more refined sort in a smaller space. At first i found myself blaming my dog. I think everyone has done that at somepoint. When you feel so off kilter that you find the easiest […]

When You Say Nothing At All

I ended up working Molly at Fido’s this past weekend, but it was unplanned so there is no video. I *really* wish there had been. There were many interesting moments when i was left wondering exactly what the heck happened – in a good way. We’ve been doing steady work on the drive these last […]